Monthly Archives: May 2017


Hello Readers!

I have been wanting to create something to keep track of my English learning habits and progress and to be able share what I learned all these years. I realized that the Internet, being a powerful tool to share, educate and learn about a wide variety of things, will be the most effective way for you and I to share our learning experiences and knowledge.

This blog will focus on sharing free resources for IELTS (International English Language Testing System). In anyway, the author does not assume any expertise on the said test, but is willing to share the resources I have collected and studied so far.

Everyone is encouraged to leave comments on each post so we can learn together. I would also appreciate any corrections especially from those who have expertise on the mentioned areas.

The author has no intention to violate any copyrights so rest assured that if any parts of published books are used in any of the posts, the resources will be properly cited.

Thanks everyone and I hope we could start learning from each other soon.