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Did you know that the word “MOTEL” is a compounded word from “motor” and “hotel”?

Well, this TED-Ed video by Erin McKean explains how words in English are formed. The speaker also encourages everyone to go ahead and make up new words. In the IELTS test however, you have to be very careful about the use of words, not just grammar.

Here is the link to the video. Watch and enjoy, and let us know what you think about her idea.






Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions

Hello everyone,

We have been busy and were on a short holiday recently – our excuse for not writing anything for quite sometime. Anyway, we found this short video entitled “Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions.”

The speaker is an author of a dictionary of made-up words. Watch and discover what made-up words which could help you describe some emotions you might need to talk or write about in your IELTS test.

Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions