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Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions

Hello everyone,

We have been busy and were on a short holiday recently – our excuse for not writing anything for quite sometime. Anyway, we found this short video entitled “Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions.”

The speaker is an author of a dictionary of made-up words. Watch and discover what made-up words which could help you describe some emotions you might need to talk or write about in your IELTS test.

Beautiful Words to Describe Obscure Emotions




What are the most common IELTS Speaking Topics?

I have compiled below the most common topics of IELTS Speaking questions. It would be a great idea to expand your vocabulary on these topics in preparation for your IELTS exam.

  1. Home and Hometown – this is quite common Part 1 IELTS questions. In this interview part, you will be asked questions like “where are you from”, “describe your hometown”. Questions about where you live, whether you live in a house or an apartment, what is your house/apartment like, etc.
  2. Work – You will be asked what type of work you do, whether you like it or not. You will be asked to describe your typical day at work, what types of jobs are popular in your country, etc.
  3. Studies –  You will be asked what subjects are you taking, what subjects do you like or dislike (your favorite or least favorite), whether those subjects are important or not and other related questions.
  4. Hobbies and Free time – You will be asked what you typically do at weekends, how do you spend your free time, if you have a lot of free time, what are your hobbies and if you still do them or would like to learn something else.
  5. Family – You will be asked whether you have a big or small family, whether you live with your parents or not, whether it is typical to have a small family or a big one in your country, whether you get along well with your family members, etc.
  6. Relationships – These are questions related to friends and co-workers and your relationship with them; you will be asked questions about the cultural practices related to relationship between parents and children, siblings, husband and wife, teachers and students, employee and the boss.
  7. Neighbors and the neighborhood – You will be asked how well you know your neighbors, whether you have a good relationship with them, whether you like them or not, whether it is important to have neighbors, etc.
  8. Food – Typical questions about food are: your favorite food, popular food in your country, your favorite cuisine, whether you prefer to cook or buy food, whether you eat out often or not, what kinds of food you like or dislike, etc.
  9. Travelling – typically you will be asked whether you like travelling or not, how often you travel, what places you visit and would like to visit, what places are popular to tourists in your country…
  10. Magazines and Newspapers – you will be asked about the reading habits of people in your country, your preference on reading materials, whether reading habits have changed in your country and similar types of questions.
  11. Music and Arts  – Typical questions here are about your favorite music, music in your childhood, popular music in your country, whether music and arts have changed recently, whether you like arts or music, whether music and arts are important, whether they are taught in school, etc.
  12. Transportation – you will be asked about the typical mode of transport in your city/country, which one you typically use, whether you are satisfied or not with the transport system in your country, how do you go to certain places or whether it has changed or not in the recent years.
  1. Sports and Entertainment – You will be asked to about the popular sports in your country, whether you play sports or not, whether you like a kind of sport or not, whether sport is important, what types of entertainment are available in your city or popular forms in your country, what changes have your observed recently, you will be asked about celebrities (who do you like or don’t like, your favorite ones).
  2. Movies and Books – you will be asked about your favorite movies, popular movies in your country, your favorite book, whether you like to watch movies or read books, reading and watching habits of people in your country.
  3. Childhood – be ready to answer questions about your childhood memories, changes in your life from childhood to now, childhood life in your city, etc.
  4. Daily Routine – you will be asked about your typical morning/day/, what time you wake up or go to bed, what you eat everyday and similar topics.
  5. Weather – you will be asked about you favorite weather, the typical weather/climate in your country/city, what is your least favorite type of weather etc.
  6. Shopping – you will be asked whether you like shopping or not, the shopping habits in your country, whether you shop online or not, how often do you shop, types of shopping places in your city /country, etc.
  7. Pets – you will be asked about pets and animals, whether you like them or not, whether you have one or not, your country’s attitude towards animals/pets, etc.
  8. The Internet – you will be asked about your usage of the internet (when and for what purpose), whether it is good or bad, internet usage/habits in your country, and other related questions.

For IELTS Speaking Test Questions, access them free here.