Here is a compilation of common IELTS Speaking questions about FAMILY and CHILDHOOD. This list includes Parts 1, 2 and 3 (Interview, Cue Card and Discussion). Make the most out of the free resources in this blog. Leave your comments or question in the comment box. 



Do you live in a big or small family?

Would you like to live in a big family?

What do your family do?

Do you live with your parents?

What does your family usually do at weekends?

Do you like going out with your family? Why?

Can you tell me about your family?

Where are your parents from?

Who’s the breadwinner in your family?

Do you usually have a family get-together?

Do you have strict parents?

Can you get along with your parents / brothers and sisters?

Do you know the family next door?

What do your parents do for a living?

Do you agree with arranged marriages?

Among your parents whom do you resemble more?

Who plays a vital role in bringing up children, men or women in the society? Why do you think so?



Talk about an item that you have or your family member has. Please say

– What is it?

– How does it look?

– For how long have you kept it?

Talk about a mistake that you made as a child. Please say

– What was the mistake?

– Where and when did you do it?

– What did you learn from it?

Talk about a childhood song that you liked the most. Please say

– What song was it?

– Why did you like it?

– Do you still like to sing that song? Why?

Describe a skill that you learnt in your childhood. Please say

– What is it?

– How did you learn it?

– Do you still use it?

Describe a favorite toy that you had in your childhood. Please say

– What was it?

– Who gave it to you and when?

– Do you still have it?

Talk about a special event organized by your parents for you when you were young. Please say

– What was it?

– Where and when did it take place?

– What made it so special?

Describe your best childhood memory. Please say

– What is it?

– When and where did it happen?

– Why did you like it so much?


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What kind of mistakes do children make in school work?

– Do you think children should be allowed to make mistakes?

– Do you think parents make mistakes too?

– Do you think it is in human nature to conceal one’s shortcomings?

Who is the head of household in your family? Why?

– Who makes decisions in your family?

– Do grandparents still have the opportunity to make family decisions?

– Can you compare decision-making in the past and today?

– Can the media influence the decision-making process among older generation?

Who are better advisors for children: parents, teachers or friends?

– Why do you think so?

– At what age should children be allowed to have mobile phones?

– Why do you think so?

Do you think indoor games are important for children? Why?

– Do children these days still play indoor games? Why?

– Did computer games replace indoor games?

– Are computer games good for children, in your opinion?

– What are parents’ responsibilities for their children?

– Who should take care of them?

– What are children’s responsibilities for parents when they reach old age?

What is the difference between toys 20 years ago and now?

– What toys do children prefer these days?



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