Food and Diet are very common IELTS Speaking Test Questions so be ready to answer the following questions:



Do you like to cook?

What time do you usually eat dinner?

Are there any types of food you don’t like?

How often do you cook? Would you like to be able to do so more often?

How often do you eat out? Would you like to do so more often?

Would you say that you have a healthy diet? Why do you say that?

What kinds of restaurants do people your age in your country usually go to? Is that different from your parent’s generation?

What kind of food do you like?

Are there any foods you particularly dislike? Do many other people feel that way?

Would you say that you are a good cook? Why/ Why not?

What kinds of restaurants do you like? What’s the most important factor in your choice?

What do you usually eat for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? Why?

When did you last eat out? How was it?

What dish do you most enjoy cooking? Why do you like making that one?

Are there any foods you can’t eat? Is it difficult to avoid them?

How do you feel about packaged food? Why do you feel that way?

food and diet

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Describe a restaurant that you like to use. You should say

where this restaurant is

what kind of food it serves

how often you go there

and say why you like eating there so much.

Describe a dish that you like. You should explain:

– Its ingredients

– How it is prepared

– How it is eaten

And say how popular you think this is amongst other people and why.

Describe an ingredient that you often use, including:

– What it looks like

– Where you buy it

– Why you often use it

And give some examples of ways that you use it.

Talk about a restaurant that you went to recently. Speak about:

– Its location

– Its food

– Its décor

And say what its best and worst points are.



How can we encourage people to eat more healthily?

Do you think people enjoy their food as much as they should?

Do you think cooking is a pleasure or a chore for people who have busy lives?

Are people in your country generally knowledgeable about healthy and unhealthy foods, do you think?

What could be the consequences of people’s changes in diet?

Do you think your government is doing enough to improve people’s diets?

What can be done to make young people eat healthier food, do you think?

How important is retaining a country’s traditional food culture, in your opinion?

Do you believe that people in your country learn enough about healthy eating at school?

Do you think that restrictions on the sale of very unhealthy foods is a good idea?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a fast food restaurant in your local area?

In what ways does packaged food benefit society?

Do you think there is a danger that your country’s traditional cuisine could disappear?

How have people’s attitudes to foreign food changed over the last 50 years in your country?

What are your predictions for people’s diets in the next twenty years?

Do you think that the food available in supermarkets is getting better or worse? (What makes you say that?)

Do you think that people’s attitude to chemicals in food is changing?

Are modern “health foods” really good for us, do you think?

Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.

How are the eating habits now in your country different from eating habits in the past?

How healthy is your country’s food?

Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?

How may eating habits change in coming decades?

How technology has changed the way we prepare our food these days?


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