Good Day IELTS candidates and readers! Here is a compilation of common IELTS Speaking Test Questions about HOBBIES and FREE TIME.


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How do you spend weekends?

– Do you like the arts?

– Do you like movies?

– How often do you go to the cinema?

– Did you visit an art gallery before?

– When was the last time?

– Do you have any special plans for the next weekend?

Let’s talk about music.

– Do you enjoy listening to or playing music? Why?

– In your childhood did you play any musical instrument?

– What was it?

– What type of music do you prefer? Why?

– Do you think loud noise affects our hearing?

– What is the effect of noise in our cities?

Do you like singing?

– Have you learned to sing in your childhood?

– Why do people sing?

– How often do people sing?

– What type of songs do you listen to?

Do you have plans for the next weekend?

– Are there some interesting places to visit your city at weekends?

How do you usually spend your day?

– Do you have time to visit your family?

– Do you see changes in people’s mindset today compared to the past?

– What kind of changes?

– Why do you think these changes are happening?

Do you spend much time alone at home?

– What do you usually do?

– Do you wish to spend more time alone?

Do you read newspapers/magazines?

– Do you think your language can be influenced by reading them?

– What is the last newspaper/magazine you remember buying?

– Do you think in 50 years newspapers/magazines will still exist?

Do you like reading books?

– What type of books do you read?

– Are you reading a book presently?

– Would you like to write a book in the future?

Let’s talk about photography.

– Do you like taking photos of yourself?

– Why is that?

– What kind of photos do you like to take?

– Tell me about a photo in your home that you like.

– Why do you like it?

What are your hobbies?


Describe a book that you have recently read. Please say

– What book is it?

– What is it about?

– How long did it take you to read it?

Describe a garden or park you enjoyed spending time in. Please say:

– How does it look?

– What did you do there?

– Why did you enjoy this time?

Describe an activity you do occasionally that is expensive. Please say

– What is it?

– Who do you do it with?

– When and where do you do it?

Describe your favorite leisure activity.

You should say:

-who you do this with

-where you do it

-how you do it

-and explain why you like to spend your free time this way.


Would you recommend this book to others?

– Why do you think people read books, especially novels?

– Is reading a book different from watching a movie based on it? Why?

– Why do you think many books are made into movies?

– Is there a difference between reading a printed book and its electronic version?

Do you think people will still be interested in reading fiction in the future?

– Do you prefer reading a physical book or its digital version?

– Do you think people are interested in reading detective stories? Why?

– Are books written by an author from a certain country telling something about their country of origin?

– Why do you think so?

– Do you think such authors and their books will be appreciated in other countries? Why?

-Have your hobbies changed since you were younger?

-How long have you had your hobby?

-Which hobbies are the most expensive?

-Which hobbies are the cheapest?

-Which hobbies cost nothing at all?

-Which hobbies are the most popular in your country?

-Is hunting a hobby or a sport in your country?

-Which hobbies are the most popular with women in your country? With men?

-Did you have any hobbies when you were a child?

-Can you think of any hobbies which are popular with children and adults?

-Do you think a hobby is different from a sport?

-Are there any hobbies you would like to try?

-Are there any dangerous hobbies?

-Are there any hobbies you can do in other countries, but not your own?

-Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?


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