In the IELTS Speaking Test, it is very likely that you will be asked questions about your Job/Work or Profession. You will also be asked general questions related to Jobs or Employment in your country. 

I have compiled below some of the most common ones:


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Describe your job.

– How important is this profession in your country?

– Do you prefer to work alone or in a team? Why?

-Why did you choose this profession?

Do you enjoy your work?

– Do you see yourself working in the same field in the future?

– Have you worked or studied in groups?

– Do you prefer to study in a group or individually?

– What does one learn while working or studying in a group?

– What are the drawbacks or disadvantages of studying/working in a group?

What do you do for a living?

– Can you describe your job?

– Do you like to work alone or in team?

– Why is that?

What do you like about your job? Why?

– Would you like to continue doing your job in the future?

– Do you aspire to learn something different in the future?

What is more important, the job or the people who work with you?

What is the most interesting thing about your work? Why?

What are the pros and cons of working on your own and in a team?

– What are the main qualities of a good leader?

– Do they help in communication?

– What is the role of technology in work environment?

– How important is it?

– What are its drawbacks?



Describe the job/ career you have or hope to have. Please say:

-What the job is

-What is involves

-Why you chose it

and explain why you are interested in this job.


Describe an activity that you do with your work mates. Please say

– What is the activity?

– Where and when do you do it?

– Why is it important to you?


Talk about a job that helps make the world a better place. You should say:

-what job is it

-how you learn about it

-why do you think it helps so much

and explain why do you think it can make the world a better place.


Talk about a job that you would like to try. You should say:

-what the job is

-what skills are necessary to do this job

-is it a good job in your country?

and explain why you would like to work in this job.


Describe your dream job when you were young. You should say:

– what kind of job it was

– where did you learn about it

– what kind of training/ skills are needed for that job

and explain why it was your dream job.




Is it possible for a manager and employees to become friends?

– Some people believe it is not possible. Why?

– If some other employees at your work were having problems with the manager, how would you help them?

– Is cooperation important at every job? Why?

What skills are necessary to be a good employee? Why?

– Do you think everyone is able to communicate well?

– Is it a skill that one can learn?



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