IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a Language Proficiency Exam which measures your communication skills in English. A test taker is assessed on four different components: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.

According to British Council, there were about 2.5 million tests that were taken around the world in 2015 alone, making IELTS the most popular English language test.

IELTS has two different versions (modules): Academic Module and General Training Module. The Academic Module is recommended (and most of the time required) for those who are going to study in an English-speaking country. For work and immigration purposes, the General Module is recommended.

The British Council summarizes the two modules as below:

academic vs general module



Test takers are assessed on four different components: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. IELTS has its unique test format which is designed to accurately measure someone’s competency on all the mentioned skills including Grammar and Vocabulary. It is therefore essential to be familiar with this format and to be able meet the established standards.

You are also not assessed based on your accent and knowledge of the subject. The examiner will measure your ability to communicate your opinion or your thoughts using the appropriate words and phrases. Fluency and accuracy matter in this type of test, so don’t be concerned about whether the examiner would agree or disagree to your answers.



You will receive your test report within 13 working days after you took the test. A Test Report Form will be sent to your registered mailing address. Depending on the test center where you took the test, you may be able to you may be able to preview your results online or SMS. You will be given only ONE printed copy of your Test Report Form. Test centers can send, by request, copies (maximum of 5) to recognizing organizations without any charge.


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