Test takers are assessed on four skills namely: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. A candidate will be given a score for each skill which will then be converted to a band score (0-9).


The Speaking test can be summarized as follows:

Time: about 15 minutes

Format: Face-to-face interview with an examiner.

Consists of 3 sections: Interview, Cue Card and Discussion.

speaking summary

Scoring: Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:

                 Fluency and Coherence:                   25%

                 Lexical Resource:                               25%

                 Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 25%

                 Pronunciation:                                     25%



The listening test can be summarized as follows:

Duration: about 30 minutes

 Format: There will be 4 audio recordings to which candidates are going to listen to. You are going to answer 40 questions based on the audio recordings. The test uses native speakers from different English-speaking countries.

Audio 1: A dialogue

Audio 2: A monologue in an everyday social setting

Audio 3: A conversation involving 2-4 people in an educational or training setting

Audio 4: A monologue about an academic subject

 What to expect:

~You will hear conversations and monologues about daily, social and academic settings.

~Questions are in forms of: multiple choice, form and note completion, sentence completion and short-answer questions.

~You will only hear the audio once, but you will have 10 seconds after each audio to review your answers.

~Academic Module and General Training Module test takers will take the same Listening test.


Your raw score will be converted as follows:

listening scoring



The IELTS Reading section can be summarized as follows:

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: 40 questions

What to expect: Using up to three different texts, candidates are assessed on their abilities to grasp the gist, main ideas and details of a reading material. The test questions are designed to test your ability to read for specific details, to understand arguments and opinions, the purpose of the text and your skimming skills. The Academic and General Training Reading Tests are different.  Read more details of the Academic Reading Test here  and General Training Reading Test here


Your Reading Test score will be calculated as follows:

reading scoring



The IELTS Writing Test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to write an appropriate response to the task, to organize ideas, to write with grammatical accuracy and to use a range of vocabulary.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: 2 tasks

                Task 1: 150 words (20 minutes)

                T ask 2: 250 words (40 minutes)


Academic Writing Test

Task 1: Candidates will be asked to describe a graph, a diagram, a chart or a table in their own words, in at least 150 words. It should be written in formal style. The task needs to be completed within 20 minutes.

Task 2: Candidates will be asked to write an essay about a given topic. The essay must be written in formal, semi-formal or neutral style. The task should be completed within 40 minutes.


General Training Writing Test

Task 1: Candidates will be asked to write a letter in response to a given situation. The letter must use at least 150 words and must be completed within 20 minutes. Writing style could be in formal (letter to a potential employer for example), semi-formal (e.g. letter of complaint to a hotel you stayed in) and informal style (e.g. letter to friend giving advice about a good place to visit).

Task 2: Candidates will be asked to write an essay about a given topic. The task must be completed within 40 minutes and must be at least 250 words in length.

You can find more information about the writing test here.